1 – Philosophy and methods


I usually teach in my own teaching-room, in Mouthiers-sur-Boëme.

People sometimes ask if I could travel to their home for their lessons. Unfortunately I can’t, because it would take too much time.

Also,  to give you the best of my experience and adapt closely to your needs I much prefer working with all my own materials, my library with my books for all levels and needs, my CDs etc.  I use a computer which is connected to the  internet and a printer, I use a blackboard, and for children I use a lot of various creative materials plus toys, maps… My classroom is 36 square meters, and it’s full of teaching materials that are available for you  ! There would be no way to transport all of this to your home !

In addition people generally concentrate better when the lessons take place in genuine learning conditions.

Two exceptions to this « Lessons are held in my training-room » rule :

- If your child suffers a serious illness and must stay in hospital for a long time, I will go to him/her.

- Companies who ask me to give French for Business lessons for a group. They have their own conference-rooms where we can work in perfect conditions.

I also have a large lounge I use for conversation lessons for adults. The atmosphere given by the fireplace, the sofas and the piano helps people to feel more relaxed  once they’ve progressed to the stage of having a full conversation. It’s also a good way to start with some people who had bad experiences at school when they were young. They are sometimes just too stressed in a classroom which reminds them of their previous stressful situations in school. You can’t learn efficiently  when you are stressed.