Gifted children

I have a wide experience with gifted children and teenagers. I understand that some gifted children do very well at school. Equally other children are gifted, yet for whatever reason, they do not perform well at school ( or at least they do not fulfil their potential).

I can work with you and your  child  with the goal of adapting to school in mind.

Outside of a school situation I can work on creative projects when appropriate.

I can also help the  older ones to prepare for their school exams or entrance exams  (methods, coaching, helping to make the best of their strengths).

I am ok to help home-schooled children as well.

For a long time I’ve been a member of French associations for Gifted children .

I keep up to date with the research in France about this subject. I have attended several national conferences held in Paris and given by well known professionals such as Dr Olivier REVOL, Jeanne SIAUD-FACCHIN.

I am involved in a French association for gifted children (ANPEIP), and I am used to working with them, whether they perform well at school or not.

Anpeip : Association Nationale Pour les Enfants Intellectuellement Précoces

link : ANPEIP

Anpeip is an official partner association of the National Education Ministery