Maths lessons

When a child arrives in France and has to learn the language, it is quite common that he/she spends his first year at school trying to understand the teacher.  Consequently he/she completely misses large parts of the French curriculum for many school subjects such as Science, History and most of all, Maths ! He/she may lack certain knowledge which needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Sometimes the problems occur several years after his arrival in France, due to the persistence of poor basics. That’s a pity, and it may be a trouble for his/her school orientation.

As a former teacher of Economics in the French University I can easily help the students up to the Bac level for L section  (section littéraire) and ES Section(Section Economique et Sociale).

I am a specialist of Maths for  4ème – 3ème – 2nde.

I’m very used to training the students for the Brevet exam.