Face to face French lessons


 Conversation, grammar, written French.

One can learn a new language at any age.

Whatever your level may be, I can help you progress.

I’m experienced with working with all levels and all my lessons are tailor-made for each individual student. 

My experiences :

I do my best to adjust as closely as possible to your level and your needs. Amongst my experiences over the last three years I have worked for :

  • managers of global companies whose goal is to communicate with their French crews including being able to understand a presentation in French language and to introduce themselves to clients and providers,
  • retired people whose goal is to socialise with friends and neighbours and to communicate properly with the Doctor or the electrician etc …,
  • people who want to start a new life and make a living in France : I have dealt with many professions :  nurse,  psychologist,  teacher, estate agent,  builder,  consultant, musician, artist, artisan ….
  • future mothers about to give birth in France,
  • young mothers of children who want to help them to settle at school
  • several of my students were married to French people but found their partner was not really able to teach them what they really still missed after a few years in France.

My methods :

All the lessons are tailored to the student’s needs, I prefer to  follow the student’s tastes and  learning  rhythm rather than to follow a rigid pattern given by a standard method. Therefore I use a variety of materials depending on the lessons.

  • I create myself a part of the material I use, in order to adapt the lesson as closely as possible to the student’s level
  • And of course I also use French language methods for beginners and intermediate levels, with books, CDs, and CDRoms
  • Videos and songs are part of the lesson when the student likes them
  • The lessons can be 1 to 1, or 1 to 2 if you are a couple.

Depending on the student’s needs I concentrate on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, in order to develop  his/her spoken French and written French skills.

I am used to training the students to the language certificate tests (DELF A1, DELF Pro, DELF A2 to start with ….then DALF B1 and B2 etc)

I use two different rooms depending on the student’s level and needs :

  • The first room is a classical teaching-room with tables, blackboard and whiteboard, computer and printer, library etc
  • The other room is a lounge which is more suitable for conversational lessons : you’ll find there sofas, a fireplace, coffee etc there is also  a little blackboard, because a lesson is a lesson anyhow, and there are times when I need to write and explain the new words or expressions as the student learns them !